Manpower Consultancy

Powering your success is humanly possible, and our methodology chooses best resource for your organizational growth.

Contract Staffing

If you have a project, with a limited timeline, requires resources with relevant experience and cannot hire on your roll, ARK gives you the best-suited candidates. Supported backend with a strong methodology with varied experience and skill set, we help you execute the short span projects with most efficient way. With our refined talent acquisition process, we ensure for the best team, and with strong technical and skill development programs, we have a strong talent pool for across platforms and industry verticals.

Permanent Staffing

If you are looking for the right fit employees in your organization, ARK’s full-service recruiting experience and network of recruiting experts to use consultative and client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent for the company’s culture and business demands. With our defined recruiting process and in-house industry experienced resources, we provide the customer with the most relevant engineers, enabling to bring down the actual delivery cost.

Contract To Hire

With our contract-to-hire services, customer gets the flexibility to see our talented candidates on job before extending a full-time offer or making a long-term commitment. You’ll get to see exactly what our candidates can do, how they do it, and how well they fit into your team and your future.